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Updated: May 9, 2021

“When I moved to Georgia from Ohio, I remember thinking, ‘Awww man voting won’t be fun here.’ When you grow up in a state like Ohio, you always feel like your vote counts. But I remember looking at the numbers in Georgia and seeing that Atlanta and the surrounding areas made up more than half of the state’s population and wondered why it was assumed it would always be red. So, to be here in 2020 and see what I always felt Atlanta was capable of is everything! I love Stacey for bringing so much attention to the importance of voting and voter suppression, because I think that was the push our city needed to remember that even in Georgia, we can make a WHOLE damn difference! Prior to this election, I planned a trip away to Puerto Rico just in case I was going to have to come to terms to another four-year nightmare. I wanted to be in another place to come to terms with the disaster ahead. Instead, I’m in Puerto Rico celebrating how much Georgia showed up and showed out! Seriously, there’s no better example of Black women showing up and getting sh*t handled. The voice of Black women made this happen and I feel so proud!"

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