“She’s my mom’s youngest sister, so she’s kind of closer to my age. But, she is a minister, well she hasn’t been all her life. So, she’s had her fun and did her dirt; my mom says I act just like her. But, she’s the only person that never judges me. Never critiques me in a negative manner for the choices that I make. I’m a lesbian and everyone else thinks that’s a bad thing, and I have children – why would you bring your children up that way. Even though she’s a minister, she understands that love is love. You can’t just put that in a box. She lets me be who I am and she mentors me, she guides me. She has actually helped me and mom’s relationship, because we had a horrible relationship all my life. She’s actually mended that relationship for us and I’m really thankful for her and just her words of wisdom. She talks to me like a friend and not always like an aunt. She’ll tell me things that I don’t necessarily want to hear, but it’s the truth and I need to hear it. She’s dope to me in my world…”

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