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"I use to have a job as a therapist and I was the only Black person there and the youngest also. Because of that, I felt like I was kind of treated differently... I felt like I didn’t really have anybody to advocate for me. One day, one of my white co-workers touched my hair. And obviously, you know as Black people, we know that's what you don’t do. You don’t touch a Black person’s hair, that’s just a no, no. My manager happened to see it, and I know she must know that it's not culturally appropriate for you to touch a Black person’s hair. It upset me that she saw it and didn’t say anything. I personally didn’t have the courage to say anything because I was the only Black person there for one, and for two, I was the youngest. After that, I just started picking up on different things. I realized my co-workers were micromanaging me on things that I obviously knew how to do. I have that same job now in a different company and they actually think I know more than what most people know – so I know it wasn’t me, it was them. I quit that job, so that was a part of my self-care. I valued my peace way more than I did the money or even the experience. Sometimes you really just have to quit those jobs or cut off those friends or family members if it means they’re deteriorating who you are and messes with your values. Personally, it was the best decision for me.”

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