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"I guess if I could give anyone their flowers, I’d give my mom her flowers because she has been a real example. She’s always there for me and my sister. I mean, I would call her the G.O.A.T.; she’s the greatest mom of all time. I know she’s my mom, I’m bias. But she’s always there for us. She’s always thinking of us, she sends us cards just because. And one day, I hope to be a mother just like my mom. Like if I could be half the mother that she’s been to me, that would be amazing."

"She’s a little older than me... She has a kid, he’s 10. He was in a car accident with his dad and his dad ended up passing away and she still managed to go to school. She went to school for respiratory therapy and now she’s a nurse at a NICU. She handles other people’s babies and their stories. I don’t know, she just carries so much life and experience. Like even talking to her for a minute, her normal day is just so full of a lot of trauma, like a lot of energy, a lot of emotion. And she still manages to be... one of the funniest persons I know. Still creative and a little plant mom. It’s just cool to see her carry so much and still seem like she’s not."

"One thing I will say, as far as being a mother, is that I definitely want to teach my son that when it comes to women and loving women, to always have an understanding of who they are as an individual. And to also understand that just as humans, we all have a choice, but don’t let that choice deter you from who you are as a spiritual being. To always be loving, to always be respectful, to always show that you care even when someone else’s choices may not be the best. To never lose a sense of self."

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