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Take up all the space you need, sis. 


Black Girls Don’t Need Filters™ is a platform committed to carving out an unapologetic space for Black girls and women to tell their own stories through unfiltered conversations and everyday photography.


The phrase started out as an affirmation for our founder Yasmin Harrell when she first conceived it in 2015. By the time Black Girls Don’t Need Filters™ officially launched in 2018, it evolved into a hub amplifying the stories and voices of Black girls and women everywhere. 


From girlhood to womanhood, Yasmin has been inspired, covered and shaped by the words and conversations with women who look like her. She’s currently out somewhere gathering stories and using her camera to capture Black girls and women in all their magical glory.


If you haven’t run into Yasmin yet and want to share your story, please submit an interview request here:

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